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In a world of unrealistic beauty standards and bizarre beauty trends, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to feel beautiful. That's why I wanted to create an inspiring place – a mix of exclusive cosmetics shop, wellness studio and home bathroom. Here everyone can feel beautiful without bending over backwards. Highly efficient, individually tailored care that is uncomplicated and fun helps to achieve this.
Elena Gerold
Owner of "The Bathroom"
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Explore our blod to find a wealth of beauty insights – from skincare tips and makeup inspiration to advice on a healthy lifestyle. We're dedicated to informing, inspiring, and helping you achieve your best look and feel your best!
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Classic Treatments

Detox Facial

Refresh your skin with our Detox Facial, using gentle cleansing, toxin removal, and premium masks for a radiant complexion.
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Customized Facial

Indulge in The Bathroom Customized Facial for expert care and enchanting results designed exclusively for you.
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Pregnancy Facial

Experience our soothing Pregnancy Facial: gentle care with a skin analysis, cleansing, facial massage, and hydrating.
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Revitalizing Facial Massage

Revitalize stressed skin with targeted massage for a radiant complexion and healthy circulation.
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Innovative Facial Treatments

Signature Facial

A 120-minute tailored skincare fusion with Aqua-Dermabrasion, DMK Enzyme Therapy, BioRePeel and more.
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DMK Enzyme Therapy

Revitalize your skin with DMK Enzyme Therapy - tailored for acne, pigmentation issues, or wrinkles treatment.
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BioRePeel Facial

Discover our innovative BioRePeel Facial method - smooth scars, acne marks, pigment spots, and fine lines.
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Microneedling treatment is ideal for reducing fine lines and scars. Stimulate natural collagen production.
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Glow Solution Facial

IONTO-COMED's Glow Solution Facial: a 4-step treatment for instantly radiant and moisturized.
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Carboxytherapy Facial With Carbon Dioxide Mask

Revitalize your skin with our personalized Carboxytherapy Facial, using a special carbon dioxide mask for firmer skin.
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Facial treatment bundles

DMK Enzyme Therapy + BioRePeel

Combo of DMK Enzyme Therapy and BioRePeel for a hydrated complexion, reduced pigmentation spots or acne scars.
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BioRePeel + Microneedling

BioRePeel and Microneedling: duo that targets acne and pigmentation issues, stimulates collagen for smoother skin.
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Glow Solution Facial + Dmk Enzyme Mask

Revitalize skin with our Glow Solution Facial and DMK Enzyme Mask combo - ideal for troubled skin, acne scars, and pigmentation, ensuring a lasting, youthful glow.
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Body care

Full Body Relaxation Massage

Indulge in our Full Body Relaxation Massage! gentle strokes release tension, restoring balance for deep relaxation and inner peace.
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Cellulite Treatment- Comming soon -
Experience our Cellulite Treatment - specialized massages and advanced formulations for smoother, tighter skin.
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